Are You Sick of Hearing about Inner Beauty?

How many times have you heard that “inner beauty” is more important than what’s on the outside? Well-meaning parents, teachers or friends probably tell you this all the time. But, how true does that expression feel to you? Often, girls say that they know, deep down, that inner beauty is more important, but it doesn’t feel like any of their peers know that or care about it. It feels like everyone else cares how you look on the outside. The case for inner beauty has become clichéd; it seems tired and fake.

It’s time for you to revitalize it.

The truth about inner beauty is that when you honor it, focus on it, and live your life with a commitment to it, it is far more beautiful than any thin waist or long eyelashes. When you honor your truth and live your values, you give others permission to do the same. Deep down, no matter how silly the idea seems, you know inner beauty is what matters. Sometimes the pressure from your peers, the media, even the whole world to achieve a ridiculous ideal of physical beauty can be overwhelming. But, if you continue to care about your looks because you feel that other people are telling you to, you are allowing a negative cycle to continue. You can break the cycle by honoring what you know really matters.

When you speak from your heart, when you give a real smile, when you pursue what you love to do, you are allowing your own true self to be free, and that beautiful, happy girl inside of you to thrive. In allowing yourself to be free, you subconsciously free your friends and peers to do the same. Don’t you feel the most comfortable and happy around girls who shamelessly do what they love and say what they think, the girls who honor their true selves? Are you worried if your nose is small enough and your abs tight enough around someone like that? Probably not.

More important, are you worried if her nose is small enough? Definitely not. You are probably just impressed and inspired by someone happily embracing their true self and their life.

No one feels happy around someone who is insecure and hurtful, no matter how physically beautiful she is. And truthfully, outer beauty is merely a shell. Eventually it will wither and fall away, and what’s on the inside will be exposed.

Remember that confidence is contagious, and a beautiful personality is what’s really attractive. Most importantly, remember that in making the decision to honor your inner beauty, you are giving everyone else permission to do the same. Break the cycle!

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