Girls Unlimited is about you…your hopes and dreams, your friends and family, your feelings on any single ordinary or extraordinary day. We founded Girls Unlimited because school counselors were calling us to help resolve conflict between middle school girls. We received calls from economically advantaged neighborhoods and neighborhoods with low incomes. We worked with girls of ALL races, religions and ethnic groups. Landmines exist in EVERY middle school in America, and our mission is to help you navigate the obstacles and arrive at high school with confidence and well-being.

As we spent more and more time in middle schools we quickly discovered something we already knew to be true. Girls need to talk. We need to talk to our parents and our teachers, but most of all; we need to talk to each other and we need a safe place for these conversations to occur.

This is that safe place. We want this site to be for girls, about girls, and by girls. We will launch conversations, but you will carry them forward. We will provide information, but you will choose whether or not it is meaningful to your life. We will talk about our bodies, our minds and our spirits. And we will nurture ourselves from inside to out.

Please join us. Invite your friends. Participate in the conversation. Send us your stories, your art, your poetry, your prose, and your ideas. Tell us about girls you know who are doing wonderful things. Complain about the injustice you see around you. Complain to us if you are dissatisfied with something you read. We can take it. We want to take our discussions into the world outside of the classroom. Life happens everywhere.

Please read our welcome letter on the home page. It’s nice to meet you!


A bit more “about”…

Girls Unlimited isn’t just an awesome website. Girls Unlimited is also an awesome in-school program created by The Peace Center (a nonprofit peace-building organization), as part of its Bullying Prevention Resource Center.

What does The Peace Center do? Located in Langhorne, PA, The Peace Center has been working for community peace and social justice since 1982.  Our programs are designed to reduce violence and conflict in our schools, homes, and communities.


Here’s how the in-school Girls Unlimited Program works: all the girls in the grade meet in small, private groups for one class period over 5 days. With the help of an adult Girls Unlimited facilitator (not like a teacher — more like a guide), the groups share their stories, wisdom, and ideas, and together discover new ways to take care of themselves, their peers, and their community.  As a group, we explore together the deeper reasons for bullying, and the deeper reasons to stop it, in a safe and supportive place where we can share our own stories and points of view.

The Girls Unlimited school program is such a valuable, special experience, we wanted to bring the same magic to as many people as possible, so we thought: GIRLS UNLIMITED WEBSITE!  And here we are! It is our hope that here, on GirlsUnlimited.org, with your help we can create the same environment of support, fun, and shared wisdom.