Forgive. Just Forgive.

For some reason, you turned on me; hurtful words spewed from your lips painting a picture you had deemed true. It isn’t.

Others had betrayed me this same way, an experience we had shared and bonded over; yet now you do it to me.
Reflecting on the causes, my mind first self-chastises; why had I let you in, given you fuel to add to this raging fire?
Guilt and shame eat at me, for being so naive, yet simultaneously I know this is foolish.
Intimacy cannot develop without letting someone in; an open heart is where love and friendship reside. Perhaps you’ve forgotten. I won’t.
Valuing you, and knowing the experiences that made you, are the only ways to heal the hurt within…you…that causes you to hurt me. So…
Even now, I will show you kindness, though trust is gone, and “we” are broken; perhaps someday you will recognize and trust real love…learn to┬álove yourself; until then, I will forgive (for me) and move on.

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