Have You Ever Been Called a Nerd? Here’s What One Girl Did.

This came into Girls Unlimited from a girl who would like to be anonymous.

For the longest time my brother would call me names and say words without understanding what they meant. He didn’t understand that the word “nerd” was a derogatory word that people came up with for smart people. One day, after he wouldn’t stop calling me a nerd, my heart was hurt so much that I turned off the Wii while he was playing with it. I sat down with him and taught him what the word “nerd” meant and what he was doing to my emotional state. He hasn’t called me a “nerd” since.

I love stories like this. Sometimes people aren’t aware of the hurt they inflict with their words.

Sometimes, simply talking to someone will lead to understanding and compassion. Most of us are afraid to directly confront the people who taunt us. It is an intimidating thing to do. But, if we a find a way to explain to them how hurtful their words are, there is a possibility that they will “get it” and stop the harassment.  It is always worth a try.

Thank you to whoever wrote this for sharing a story with a happy ending!

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