Dress For Your Taste instead of Your Shape

Just the other day I was leafing through a magazine when I saw the all-important “Best Dress for Your Shape” article. This type of article is a key part of any fashion or women’s magazine; the media industry giving us advice on how to pick the right clothes that “flatter” our body shape.

Those writers are clever rascals because on the face of it, these articles seem to be promising us that we will feel confident and good about ourselves just by making sure we wear an A-line skirt instead of a form fitting one if we are full figured or wearing dark jeans instead of light if our thighs are too wide.  At first glance, this seems very well-intentioned.  (Yay someone finally understands I don’t have the figure of a model!) but here’s the thing; what you’re reading is still an attack on your body size and shape. This time the attack is just hidden a little more underhandedly…

These “dress for you shape” tips are telling you how to disguise the parts of your body that don’t conform to society’s standards. Don’t have a flat abdomen? Here’s the type of shirt that will give the illusion that you do. Are you on the shorter side? Here are the pants that will make your legs look longer. There is judgment with every one of these suggestions; you want your abdomen to look flat, you don’t want people to notice you’re short.

These articles had me fooled for the longest time! I would go into a store and not dare pick up that shirt with the ruffles because the media has told me time and time again that those ruffles are not flattering on my figure. You know what? I am now the proud owner of a shirt with ruffles- and people compliment me on it every time I wear it! I think we should take this “dress for your shape” notion and throw it out the window. Dress in clothes you love. When you love what you are wearing, no matter what it is, you will look radiant!

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