How to Nurture Your Inner Sparkle

I saw a great post on Facebook today. It said “Don’t let anyone dull your inner sparkle.” I liked that post.

I liked it because it talks about the amazing sparkle that is inside everyone…that sparkle or uniqueness that makes you… you! No one else is you. Remember that.

Yes, there are days when you feel more sparkly than others. There are days when people will try to take your sparkle away. How will they do this? They will say mean things about you, or ignore you, or maybe you won’t get any “likes” on your Instagram posts.


So how do you make the choice not to let anyone take away your personal power? How do you “Not let anyone dull your inner sparkle?”

Here’s one easy idea. In that moment when someone is saying something negative about you, just imagine yourself seeing those hateful words flying right over your head. They don’t ever touch down on you, they just fly right by. Our imaginations are powerful forces.  We can make them work on our behalf.

Here’s another idea.  If someone is saying mean things about you that you do not want to hear, imagine you are on Facetime with them and you have just turned on the mute button. See them talking, but there is no sound. Practice right now. Visualize an angry face just talking and talking, but no sound comes out. Because what they are saying has no value to anyone. Negative comments are like that.

Sometimes people will say mean things and no matter how hard you try, you will take them in and even believe them. Maybe someone said something during first period and and you carry it inside you all day. The person who said it may not even remember the remark, but you do. You might even let it ruin your whole day. You walk around angry all day, and even go home and go right to your room. You know what I mean. This is where the next idea comes in.

If you notice that you are feeling this way, take five minutes for yourself when you get home. Get out a pen and paper. Blow up a bunch of balloons. Into each balloon write down what is making you angry or mad. Really let it all out. Then imagine sending these balloons away. See them floating away. You are letting go of what you do not need anymore.

Now that the balloons are gone, you will feel better. Lighter. And on days you are feeling especially sparkly make some happy balloons. Big blue ones, red ones, heart ones or any kind you want. Just have fun and make them yours. But don’t let these go. These are the balloons you want to keep. These are your sparkles and they are yours forever. Nobody can take them from you.

After you read this I hope that you feel a little more sparkly. Because who doesn’t like sparkles and balloons? Remember, “Don’t let anyone dull your inner sparkle”



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