How Writing Can Help You Feel Better

Do you ever have a bad day but you’re afraid to talk about it because you might say the wrong thing? Or maybe you just need time to think on your own, but you still need a way to empty your emotional cup? Journaling may be just the thing for you!

Keeping a journal is a great way to empty your emotional cup without hurting anyone, even if you’re angry. Writing gives you a great chance to work out all those tricky emotions, and just getting your feelings down on the page can help you to feel better. Studies have shown that writing in a journal actually helps us to think more clearly, so writing an entry could even be the first step to solving a conflict with someone.

The other great thing about journaling is that you’ll get to know yourself so much better! When you can read past journal entries, you see how you felt about different things that happened, what you did to feel better, and also what made you really happy. By keeping a journal, you can basically be a friend to yourself.

My advice is to make your journal as fun and beautiful as possible. Find a gorgeous book somewhere and decorate it! Put photos or drawings on the pages, collect inspirational quotes – do anything to make it a special space for you and your thoughts. You will treasure it for years to come!

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