If You Could Look Like A Barbie, Would You Want To?

Not me.  Scientists have found that if Barbie were a real girl she would not be able to stand up.  Her waist is not large enough to support her weight.  In fact, her waist is only slightly larger than her neck.  Her arms are longer than any woman’s arms on earth!  Her feet are super-arched, making it impossible to fit into any shoes other than high heels.  Um, ewwwwww!

But, there’s hope for little girls yet!  It comes in the form of a Lammily doll.  The creators of this doll designed her to be the exact proportions of an average woman.  If this doll were real, she could do much more than simply stand up.  She could run, bike, swim, do pushups, and enjoy every minute of doing all of it!

Watch this video of The Lammily doll and rejoice!  Is there a little girl in your life who enjoys playing with dolls?  Do you or your parents want to buy her a holiday gift?  At Girls Unlimited, we LOVE this doll!   Let’s support this company by showing them what real girls want!