Laughter Really is the Best Medicine!

Think about the last time you laughed: maybe your whole body was shaking, your face was all scrunched up, and maybe you even shed a few tears because you couldn’t control yourself! Think about whom you were with, what had happened, and how you felt. Were you happy?

Of course you were!

Laughing is an excellent stress-buster that we often don’t even think about. When I have a hard day, I go home, turn on a funny TV show, and let myself laugh at every silly joke or funny moment on the show. And I feel better every time I do it.

A big, strong laugh like the one I described earlier actually relaxes your whole body. It also gets your blood flowing and releases endorphins (the happy chemicals in your body). It even can make you healthier!

Aside from being good for your body, laughter is great for your emotions. It takes your mind off of whatever is happening and lifts your mood. It also can get you to look at something in a new light; maybe something that was really stressing you out can actually be seen in a humorous way. And aside from all of that, it’s FUN!
This week, think of some ways you can have a good chuckle. Whether it’s spending time with a certain friend, watching a funny TV show, or making your own jokes, try to think of some ways to add laughter into your life.

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