A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Girls Unlimited, a brand new site where you can be assured your daughter is in good hands. An outgrowth of The Peace Center’s highly successful Girls Unlimited school-based social/emotional intelligence program, this website provides a safe place for girls to discover their authentic selves.

As we tell the girls who visit here, this is not the place to find the perfect shade of blush to match your prom dress. It is not a “go-to” site to read about Taylor Swift’s latest breakup. Rather, it is a place to grow socially, emotionally, and morally. Here your daughter will read about girls who are changing the world one deed at a time.
She will be given lists of options for confronting uncomfortable situations head-on.
She will develop appreciation for her unique gifts and will be given tips on how to share those gifts with her friends, her school, her community and the world. The celebrities she reads about here will be those who have contributed to the world philanthropically as well as artistically or athletically. She will be inspired. She will be nurtured. Most important, she will be HEARD.

We invite you to browse the site. Make suggestions. Help us help girls. Help us show them there is more to being a terrific girl than being pretty or popular…much, much more.

We are taking your daughter on a journey. Wish us bon voyage!