Our Hero of the Month…Sydney

If you met Sydney today, you would never believe that just two years ago she was bullied miserably at school and had lost all her self-confidence.  Sydney was as low as you can go.  But she got through it!  With the help of her mom, The Peace Center, and Girls Unlimited, Sydney is a smiling, confident young woman today.  She played the piano at her school talent show and received a standing ovation!  She helps other kids who are suffering from the mean things others say and do to them. And she got her smile back!  That’s why Sydney is our hero.

This is a poem she wrote about her experience.  It beautifully captures the feelings of being a victim and then a survivor!

You think you’re all that with a DC hat,
And your pants rolled up like you’re ready to dance,
You look at me with a sideways glance,
And with that one look you’re a twisted brat.
You walk up to me, you’re mean as can be,
I can tell right now you don’t want the church key,
In the near future I can foresee,
That you’re as tough as wood, a mighty pine tree.
You cut right through my translucent screen,
In your body there’s no decent gene,
Mark my words, there’s one other story,
And in it still, you end in glory.
You make fun of my face, of my big, red pimples,
And of my chubby cheeks, and of my giant dimples,
And of my awkward legs, my giant knee brace,
And of my frizzy hair, just in case.
With my giant glasses, you call me a nerd,
You call me some names, which I think are absurd,
You could stop right there; that option is preferred,
Though I know you’ll go on; you always want the last word.
You’ll go on your phone, your computer too,
And it’s not just because you have nothing to do,
The hatred never stops, it’s worse online,
Because the Internet is always a hotline.
Even in lunch, during social hour,
I go to sit somewhere, and you tell me no.
It’s not next to you so who cares what I do?
Constantly watching me, you’re like a control tower.
Though all this terror continues on,
On my shoulders, my head is strong
This whole time, I’ve been your pawn
But Katy Perry’s “Roar” is my theme song.



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