Seven-Year-Old Girl Changes Legos Forever!

Never let it be said that one little girl can’t change the world!  One little girl just did!  Charlotte, a seven-year-old girl from I-don’t- know-where, had a gripe with the Lego Company and she took a stand. In the scratchy printing of a first-grader and in her own words she wrote a letter imploring the powers-that-be to treat their female Lego people with equality.

“When I went to the store to buy some Legos,” she wrote, “all the boy Lego people were in the blue aisle and all the girl Lego people were in the pink aisle.”

She continued by expressing her disappointment that there are many more boy Lego people than girl Lego people and the boys have all the adventures and fun.  “All the boy people have jobs and work and go on adventures,” she said.  “The only things the girl Legos do are shop and go to the beach!”

Abracadabra!  Presto-Zappo!  The Lego Company released new girl Lego people who are scientists and chemists. And guess what?  Within days they were sold out!  Thank you Charlotte!  I hope you run for political office some day because I am going to vote for you!  You get things done!

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