Tall? Petite? Curvy? There’s a Barbie Doll for You!

Check out the pile of Barbie dolls in the above photo.  It looks like they are on a garbage heap.  Could you pick yours out of the bunch?  Probably not.  Barbie is 57 years old and for 56 of those years she looked exactly the same.  She had a neck the same circumference as her waist.  She had arms as long as baboon arms. She had narrow hips and hardly any butt. And she was blond, blond, blond.  Well girls, not any more!

Mattel just released the newfangled Barbie doll (actually three new Barbies) and many girls will be able to recognize themselves in these new “evolved” Barbies.  Barbie now comes in petite, tall, and curvy versions.  There will also be Barbies with multiple skin tones beckoning from the shelves.  It’s about time.

You are probably too old to play with Barbie now, but your little sisters or cousins or the little girls for whom you babysit are bound to enjoy playing with dolls they can relate to.  Or so, Mattel hopes!

What do you think?  Do you think Barbie’s new image will increase her sales which have been steadily declining in recent years?  Would you have rather played with a curvy Barbie than a super-skinny one?  Do you think the new Barbie dolls will help build self-esteem in little girls?  Do you think a doll can do all that?  It sure would be nice to believe…


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