The Prom-posal. Are You Kidding?

I’m too old to be going to the prom, but my hair stylist told me that her daughter was upset because she didn’t get a prom-posal.  That stumped me.

“What’s a prom-posal?” I asked, not sure whether or not I wanted to hear the answer.

“The prom-posal is when a boy goes to great lengths to ask a girl to the prom.  He could fill her room with roses or have his prom-posal written on a billboard, or throw a party where he can ask her in front of all her friends or give her a hundred balloons with the prom-posal written in a card inside one of them.”

I was sorry I asked.  I didn’t really want to hear this.  Are you kidding me?  How did something as simple as asking a girl to the prom become such a major ordeal?  Why can’t anything be simple any more?  What if the girl doesn’t want to go to the prom with the boy who just spend oodles of time and money on popping the question.  Going to the prom is already expensive enough.  According to recent reports, some kids pay up to $1000 on their prom. Why make it even worse by making the invitation an event in itself?

It used to be a boy felt bad about being rejected. Now he feels bad about the rejection AND about wasting all that money.

Why does EVERYTHING these days have to be such a big deal? Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Everyone wants to be the star of their own life story.  Is it social media that has made the most mundane of circumstances  into paparazzi-worthy events?  Are kids so jealous of all the lives they see on Twitter and Instagram that they had to invent something to make them feel more special?

Whatever the reason, it is time to rethink our need for overkill. It’s not healthy.


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