The Stress-buster Effect: Pets

Who doesn’t love kittens and puppies? You have to smile just looking at them! This week, we’ll talk about how spending time with an adorable pet or animal can be an awesome stress-buster.

If you’re feeling worried or anxious about something, hanging out with a furry friend might be a great cure. In one study, people who spent time with a dog were 37% less stressed than those who didn’t. And it doesn’t just need to be a pet you cuddle with; even watching a fish tank can help to lower stress!

Sometimes pets can also be easier to talk to than people – think of therapy dogs. When we don’t want to be around anyone, an animal can be a great companion. They won’t judge us, tell or secrets, or be nasty to us. Pets are all about love, and that makes us all feel better!

A pet can take your mind off of things, be a good friend, and make you happier. Whether you cuddle them, play with them, or just watch and take care of them, spending time with pets is a great way empty our emotional cups.

If your parents won’t let you have a pet, you can still find ways to spend time with animals.  Visit your local animal shelter or volunteer to help there.  Visit a friend who has a pet.  Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog.  You’ll be surprised how good you will feel!

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