World’s Greatest Rock Climber is a 13-Year-old Girl!

Meet Ashima Shiraishi, just your average middle schooler with a hobby. Not!  Ashima climbs rocks…really high rocks…walls of rock!  She has climbed some of the highest rocks in the world. Her most recent climb landed her the honor of being only the second woman in history to reach that height.

You may not be interested in rock climbing as a hobby, but whatever your interest is, practice and perseverance are the rules of thumb.  And speaking of thumbs…check out hers in this article.  An unfortunate by-product of her hobby are wounds on her fingers and thumbs.

Ashima is an inspiration to girls everywhere.  Follow your dreams girls!  And work at them.  Reaching your dream requires true commitment.  I’m sure Ashima will tell you it’s worth it.

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